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mainSupport for mov instructionPaweł Dybiec3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-28Support for mov instructionHEADmainPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Use folding modulePaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Folding instructionsPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Constant folding analysisPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Constant folding optimization - sourcesPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-13Almost working live variable analysisPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-13Start of live variable analysisPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-23Update testsPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-23Start of regallocPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-10WhilePaweł Dybiec