AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-28Support for mov instructionHEADmainPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Use folding modulePaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Folding instructionsPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Constant folding analysisPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-27Constant folding optimization - sourcesPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-13Almost working live variable analysisPaweł Dybiec
2019-01-13Start of live variable analysisPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-23Update testsPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-23Start of regallocPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-10WhilePaweł Dybiec
2018-12-10Fix assignment and string issuePaweł Dybiec
2018-12-10Strings, declarations and fixed ifsPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-09IfsPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-09Translate: Basic expressions and statementsPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-09TestsPaweł Dybiec
2018-12-09Initial code for translatorPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25Fix topdown strategy for addPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25Various improvements for arraysPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25LvaluesPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25MultiVarDeclPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25Better rules for arraysPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25Types for function callsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-25Add return and block supportPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-24Type checking for global definitions and basic types and operandsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-24Upgrade basePaweł Dybiec
2018-11-10Fixed ambiguity for if elsePaweł Dybiec
2018-11-10Add boolean literalsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-09Support multiple indexingPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-09Proper handling of semicolonsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-08Add bool expressions, fixed ambiguity with EOFPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-08Fix string lexingPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-08Fix multi variable declarationPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-08Added structs and array indexingPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-07Add semicolons, multi variable declaration. Fix returnsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-07Fix ast rawprinterPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-06Add support for charsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-05Add more expressions and statementsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-04Group operators of same precedence in productionsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-04Parse basic expressions and statementsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-04Parse array dimensionsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-04parse function argumentsPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-04Add basic tokens + parse function namePaweł Dybiec
2018-11-03Add first tokensPaweł Dybiec
2018-11-03Change local pathsPaweł Dybiec
2018-10-30Initial commitPaweł Dybiec