AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-12New maps in csgoHEADmainPaweł Dybiec
2021-07-11Add ipv6 in nginx, move certsPaweł Dybiec
2021-07-11Docker is dead, long live the podmanPaweł Dybiec
2021-03-09Migration to a new server, moved nginx out of dockerPaweł Dybiec
2021-02-10Add missing stuff in headers, add new vpn clientPaweł Dybiec
2020-10-22Change cs to old algorithmsPaweł Dybiec
2020-08-10Add custom headersPaweł Dybiec
2020-08-10Fix matrix address on main websitePaweł Dybiec
2020-08-10Update cs websitePaweł Dybiec
2020-05-24Add my websitePaweł Dybiec
2020-05-24Add cs map servicePaweł Dybiec
2020-04-26Optimize darling websitePaweł Dybiec
2020-04-01emptyPaweł Dybiec
2020-03-13Add support for multiple aliasesPaweł Dybiec
2020-03-13Make vpn restart alwaysPaweł Dybiec
2020-03-10Fix cert renewal to wait and cleanupPaweł Dybiec
2020-03-10Move darling filesPaweł Dybiec
2020-03-10Change nginx ciphersPaweł Dybiec
2019-12-05Keep openvpn always onPaweł Dybiec
2019-12-05Refactor domainsPaweł Dybiec
2019-12-05Remove blockIps from nginx confPaweł Dybiec
2019-12-05Remove monitoring stuffPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-13Cleanup of nginx config and blocked some scanning serverPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-13Added config for quick sharing of local filesPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-13Removed old services from configPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-13Removed systemd-networkdPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-13Wireguard configurationPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-12Fixed git ssh port, disabled restarting of disabled servicesPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-12Forced upgrade of services, disabled unused servicesPaweł Dybiec
2019-10-12Fix deprecated commands, move to python3 executorPaweł Dybiec
2019-06-10Added DarlingPaweł Dybiec
2019-06-10Add parameters for proxy keepalive and timeoutsPaweł Dybiec
2019-06-10Add error pagePaweł Dybiec
2019-06-10Add octoprint2Paweł Dybiec
2019-06-06Change ip of octoprint in openvpnPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-26Change localhost to IPv4 onePaweł Dybiec
2019-05-26Don't expose prometheusPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-25Enable cache for giteaPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-25Added suport for proxy cachingPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-25Enable http2Paweł Dybiec
2019-05-24Fix paths in nginx confPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-24Enable etagsPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23FormattingPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23Force https on main domainPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23Max body size parameterPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23Enable gzip compression for proxies and many typesPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23Add HSTSPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23Set strong cipher and ssl protocolsPaweł Dybiec
2019-05-23Enable building of services + redis for giteaPaweł Dybiec
2019-04-24Fix nginx template formattingPaweł Dybiec