AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-20Add evaluation of whole programs, typechecking functions and mainHEADmainPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-20EvaluatorPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-20Add function calls in commands, and type annotations in expressionsPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-20Fix variants typing, add wellformedness for commandsPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-19Add Except monad, and destructors for records and variantsPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-09More testsPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-09Infer for record typesPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-09Fix infer for deref and arithmetic expressionsPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-09Fix assertsPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-09Fix variant typePaweł Dybiec
2020-01-09Add package.yamlPaweł Dybiec
2020-01-08Initial commitPaweł Dybiec