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mainUpdate social media,employer and some wordingPaweł Dybiec11 months
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2022-04-27Update social media,employer and some wordingHEADmainPaweł Dybiec
2022-04-27Remove stack, update hakyllPaweł Dybiec
2021-03-13Update aboutPaweł Dybiec
2021-03-13Add sad bind as iconPaweł Dybiec
2021-03-13Update aboutPaweł Dybiec
2021-03-12Fix link and matrix handlePaweł Dybiec
2020-04-26Update stack resolverPaweł Dybiec
2020-04-26Fix css on mobilePaweł Dybiec
2020-04-25Small changes to css to make google lighthouse happyPaweł Dybiec
2020-04-25Convert profile picture to webpPaweł Dybiec